Character Matters Costume List

Below is the list of costumes for our play.  I do have places we can store them, so the sooner we can start bringing things in, the better, if it’s something you can afford to have sitting for a few months.  If there is anything on the costume list you can help with, whether or not it be your students costume, that would help out immensely.

Rapunzel Pretty “Princessy” Dress
Cinderella Cinderella (provided)
Humpty Dumpty White shirt
Uniform Pants
Egg (provided)
Dwarves Colored Shirt (something bright)
Colored Pants (even tan or blue uniform is fine)
Stocking cap (provided)
Snow White Snow White Dress (have)
Billy Goat Gruff Gray, Brown, Black Shirt and pants
Horns and ears (provided)
Troll  Brown or black shirt and pants
Horns of some sort (provided)
Little Red White Shirt
Uniform pants/skirt
Hooded Red Cloak
Princess and the Pea Pretty Princessy Dress (Green)
King White Shirt/Button Up
Uniform Pants
Cape (provided)
Crown (provided)
Queen Pretty Dress
Crown/Tiara (provided)
Cape (provided)
Miller’s Daughter Kind of plain dress or shirt and skirt
Rumplestiltskin White button up shirt
black pants
Some kind of overcoat (longer like a trenchcoat if possible)
Hat (provided)
Messenger Uniform Clothes
Rangers Scout Uniforms
Prince Uniform Clothes
Jamaican Hat with dreads (provided)
Hansel White button up shirt
Uniform Shorts
Gretel Fairly plain shirt and skirt
Half apron
Witch Black Dress (provided)
Witch hat (provided)
Cape (provided)
Boy Who Cried Duck Uniform Clothes
Ducklings Yellow Shirt (provided)
Feather boas (provided)
Pied Piper Colored Shirt and Pants
Cape with hood (hood up)
Recorder (provided)
Rats Gray shirt
Gray or black pants
Ears (provided)
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3 Responses to Character Matters Costume List

  1. Awesomely amazing Tiana says says:

    Uhhh… Mr. Pratt do I have to wear a beard?

  2. Aaron Pratt says:

    It’s just an idea I have in my head right now. They’d be attached with spirit gum though, so where you have to go from the goat to the witch, probably not, just so we don’t have to mess with it.

  3. could I wear this certain dress I have, its not very simple… I will bring it to class Monday to show you…?

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